Since the beginning, Vacmet’s foundation has been built on sustainability. We have put in years of research and investment in technology to reach a place where we can take pride in our journey towards sustainability.

We understand the perils that plastic can bring to the ecosystem and hence consciously follow a 3R approach of Reduce | Reuse| Recycle in product offerings as well as processes.

Steps taken for Recycling

  • Designing & promoting films supporting single-family laminates- Not only have we developed BOPP films which support mono materials with ease, but we have also strived to develop BOPET films supporting single-family laminates. For instance, one of our notable developments is the ultra-high heat-seal BOPET film with a seal strength of up to 2 kg.

Vacmet's Sustainable Product Offering

Single family BOPP based structures for flexible laminates

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Single family BOPET based structures for flexible laminates

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Steps taken for Reduction

  • Vacmet has installed a special BOPET film line to down gauge film up to 5 microns thereby reducing the overall usage of plastic.

Steps taken for Reuse

  • Introduction of ECOVAC grade of PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) PET Films with different variants of recycled content. (like – 30% / 50% and 70%). The films are certified by Intertek.

  • Waste to energy conversion – we have installed a waste to energy conversion plant with a capacity of 1000 MTPA at one of our manufacturing facilities. We use process trim waste of metallized film, which are tough to recycle.

We are already a stakeholder in CEFLEX initiative to get the circular economy infrastructure in place in Europe by 2025. We aim at becoming the trendsetters in our commitment to a ‘Circular Economy ‘and sustainable innovation. We endeavour to invest over 50 crores in the next 2-3 years in recycling and waste processing systems.

We believe that sustainability is not just a way, it is the only way. Hence our employees are also given a more meaningful understanding of our impact on the environment. With a deeper understanding, they are incessantly working to minimize the carbon footprint at both an individual as well as company level.

Sustainability Report 2021-2022

Sustainability Report 2021-2022

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